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Engineering Management Consultancy

In any organization, engineering plays a key role in enabling the MAKE / Manufacturing part of the Supply Chain function to support the continuous improvements of the business primarily in the areas of:

  • asset care (maintenance)
  • asset improvement (projects)
  • asset investment (capital / acquisition)
Most of BESTEEM members are experienced multi-disciplinary engineers, project managers, operations professionals, line managers and behavioural specialists and business consultants prior to joining in BESTEEM.
With the experiences and skills obtained, our team are capable to provide necessary consultancy and assistance to the Clients’ engineering / project team to drive and or facilitate the engineering excellence by setting up the tailor-made engineering management systems as following:

Engineering Roadmap

  Aimed at providing a tool to leverage the capability and experience of Client’s engineering resource, through the capture and roll-out of engineering knowledge and professional engineering standards”.

Maintenance Strategy

  A strategy and or a system that is essential to set up to specify the way and the plan of establishing an appropriate maintenance systems with a right balance of mixture of Preventative Maintenance, Autonomous Maintenance, Specialist Maintenance, which will be implemented by a motivated capable workforce according to the effective maintenance administration system and safe operation procedures.

Assets Management Strategy

  The roadmap to be set up with the aim to provide an Asset Management best practices methodology for engineering teams to compare their existing systems against roadmap elements and develop site improvement plans to improve assets performance.

Engineering Management Consultancy
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